Book Review – Rising Tide by Claudette Melanson



Published February 2014

Strange things are happening to Maura “Mink” DeLuca.

The high school bullies are befriending her, raw meat makes her mouth water, her teeth are painfully sharp, and her mom has gone and decided the best thing for them to do is move to Vancouver.

As in Canada.

As in a whole other country.

And then she meets Ron. He’s gorgeous and sweet, funny and kind, and he’s just what Maura needs. All the strange and funky stuff happening to her just doesn’t seem to faze the guy. Couple that with his kissing skills and Maura’s got herself a keeper.

Me, personally, I would make Ron cut his hair and Maura more inquisitive and demanding, but that’s just my thing. I tend to favor short-hair boys and bitchy girls.

That said, I still enjoyed this first stage in Maura’s journey and am curious as to what’s in store for her next.

A well-written coming of age story, Ms. Melanson lays the intriguing groundwork for a unique vampire tale, concluding Rising Tide with quite the cliffhanger. Fans of YA hits Twilight and Vampire Academy will enjoy sinking their teeth into Maura’s journey of self-discovery, finding themselves closing the cover on book I, eagerly awaiting the arrival of book II in this captivating, young adult trilogy.

Nice job, Claudette!


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