Dev + Wyatt = TLF

It’s funny – I just realized that The Sanctum is full of couples, from the very twisted and sick Ava and Carter Breslin to the insanely hot and sexy Abha and Darby. But easily my favorite couple is Dev and Wyatt. I love them. Her ferocity, his quiet devotion – they’re perfect for each other.

And now my friend, Hana, has taken her mighty paint brush and captured them better than I could have ever expected.

Check them out – how can you not love them?



5 thoughts on “Dev + Wyatt = TLF

  1. Absolutely LOVE the picture. She managed to capture their personalities without ever having read your books and the look in their eyes just draws you right in.
    Man, I need to have Hana make some for me soon.

  2. That’s SO funny, because I, too, keep looking at it. I can’t wait to get her to do Ryker and Jools. (Of course, I should probably first ask her if she would mind doing Ryker and Jools. haha!)

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