Book Review – Always Mine by Kevin Singer


YA Paranormal/Thriller

Published December 14, 2013

Ever read the one about a boy, a girl, his dog, and her ghost?

Always Mine follows Danny and his dog during the summer they meet Tina, the mysterious and alluring neighbor with a Ouija board and a malevolent ghost named Gustav.

These four collide and the result is gripping. Trust me when I say you will not put this book down until the end.

Danny’s journey with Tina is the book’s central story, a poignant tale of young love, but I found Mr. Singer’s exploration of Danny’s relationships with his mother – positively frightening – and his dog – absolutely heartbreaking – to be even more compelling. A great read for teens and adults alike, you cannot go wrong by opening up this little book and getting lost in Danny’s world for a bit.

So snag a copy, enjoy this little thrill of a tale, and discover for yourself why Kevin Singer is one of Jersey City’s finest.


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