My One Year Blogiversary

I received a notification from WordPress this morning, congratulating me on my one year blogiversary and all I could think was “Really? It’s been that long already?”


I remember when I considered starting a blog and the dread it inspired in the pit of my stomach. Why would anyone want to read my blog? What would I write about? Where would I find the time to draft posts? Why couldn’t I just focus on writing The Sanctum and leave the blogging to the bloggers?

A year later, I have moments where I wish I could crawl into a shell and just focus on The Sanctum and there are days where I still don’t know if anyone wants to read my posts but that’s okay because I’m just having so much fun with this thing. I had no idea blogging could be such a blast and a year later, if someone told me I could become a blogger for a living, I would do so in a heartbeat.

So let’s celebrate this blogiversary in one of my favorite ways to get down – in pictures.

Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 8.35.46 AM I started with a shout out

and then revealed a cover sanctum_book1_cover

uma-thurman-as-the-bride1 I gushed about one of my favorite badasses

1391652_654420624598799_686525386_n and I ranted

2vba3pv IMG_2567W-650x487

I chatted about the Best. Television. Show. Ever.

grammar2And exposed my inner grammar nazi

lisa-bonet I thanked Lisa

CTB_BD-Josh-Estey and girl-crushed on Christy

IMG_1226 IMG_1260 IMG_0760 I put my family on blast

IMG_1598 IMG_1656 IMG_3422 because they are Too. Freaking. Awesome.

2940044504943_p0_v2_s260x420 Core Book CoverI reviewed some books AlwaysMine_final 9781629290911

Vonnegut3 And shared some Thursday Thoughts

1289911_10200990185771453_1992480518_n I made a young fan

And some not-so-young ones, too Fan note BoHmaYKIEAApWkG

StarterHusband I expressed disbelief

And jumped for joy 10649540_10152205253757554_260554441197222966_n

DSC_0764 Celebrated my dad’s 70th

IMG_5106 IMG_5142 And hit the Vineyard

The_boy_finalI launched Book II: THE BOY

Picture 1 and played Fuck, Marry, Kill


One of my favorite authors indulged me in conversation

Derek Jeter and another favorite said goodbye

IMG_5692 I became an aunt

And a very inspiring blogger VeryInspiringBloggerAward

I casted The Sanctum

d8d3f9cf46ab2334da904c116da38151 9e488dbf695c94b25aae6098412f5712414e71b50c4f60989e5561dea2f450aaNathanOwens1Darby

And got some artwork to go with it


WYATT CROP orange crop RYKER CROPDarbyByHana

Put very simply – I had a blast

 IMG_5781 IMG_5790 IMG_5750IMG_5806IMG_3549 IMG_5749  IMG_3401 IMG_1513



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