Random Thoughts

1. I wore pants to work the other day for the first time in over two years. The Kid took one look at me as I was getting dressed and asked why I looked like that for work, The Step Daughter was all like “what? huh? you’ve got pants on?”, and The Husband just thought I looked crazy. I’ll tell you what: I felt crazy. I hate pants. Especially for work. I definitely won’t be doing that shit again.

2. What started out as a horrible work week is beginning to look like something altogether quite amazing. I think I might really like where this is going.

3. The Kid lost his first tooth. I didn’t think he could get any cuter and then he went and got all snaggily on me.

4. I was fangirled. And it was awesome.


 5. Have you had Noosa yoghurt? In particular, the lemon Noosa yoghurt? Oh. My. God. I have died and gone to yogurt heaven. It’s that good.


6. The Kid has his first crush…on my favorite girl, Ariana Grande. Ugh. But whatever, I’m not going to stand between him and his favorite girl and as such, my life has been taken over by that horrendous show, Sam and Cat. Have you watched it? Actually, probably not because if you’re reading this post, you’re definitely older than 10! Anyway, it’s horrible. As bad as Grande’s dance moves and her annoying pony tail. But the worst part is her character’s voice. That shit’s not real, right? No fucking way.

7. And finally, this happened. Oh yeah, that’s Ryker and he’s hot. Thanks Hana, you rock.


Enjoy the week…holla bitches.


Casting The Sanctum Trilogy – Ryker

If you’ve been reading my “casting” posts, then you know that a couple of weeks ago the Daily Post asked readers about casting their favorite shows, which got me thinking about casting The Sanctum Trilogy. It’s a great way to interact with readers and if you’re a pop culture whore like me, it’s loads of fun.

First we debated who should play Dev, my vote is Lupita, and then I talked about who should play Wyatt; Nicholas Hoult is perfect.

Folks had lots of thoughts on Dev, but poor Wyatt, no one had a word to say.

Well, now it’s Ryker’s turn and I could be wrong, but something tells me folks might have a whole lot to say about him.

I’ve got my Ryker and I’m pretty confident none of y’all will be able to top him. He’s hot. But give it your best shot – hit me with your choices and let’s get this debate going.


Sales Fail

Last Friday I left my office a little earlier than usual to do some shopping after work, intending to head over to J Crew and spend a thousand dollars on a pair of pants and two pairs of socks – seriously, why the hell is J Crew so expensive?? – when some fabulous shoes in the 9 West sales window caught my eye.

I don’t think of myself as a 9 West girl and am able to walk by their windows every day on my way into the office without so much as giving them a glance, but last Friday they had some babies in the window that were sitting there, calling my name: “Madhuri, Madhuri, we’re waiting for you. Come get us.”

You laugh, but I am serious, sometimes shoes just call out to me, but I digress.

Anyway, so I’m walking down Sixth Avenue and see these shoes, blown up on a poster in the window, they have a great heel (you know I like them high), nice strap, and a pretty sweet leopard print that I could already see looking really good with some of my fall skirts. I’m admiring them as I’m walking down the street, thinking to myself, “maybe I’ll just pop in there really fast and see what’s up” when I literally stopped in my tracks and was all like “WHAT THE FUCK??”

You see, as I was walking towards the store, my eye happened to tear itself away from the shoe on the poster and instead, read the words below it.




I’d heard about this ad campaign, but I was busy when it was being hyped and it went in one ear and out the other. All I remember thinking was that someone at 9 West tried to get a little too snarky and fresh this go ’round, but I never really took it much further than that.

Now that I’ve seen it in real life, here’s my thought on the campaign: it’s a fail.

At least for me it is. Because I love those shoes and knowing myself, and the fact that I am a buyer, not a shopper, I would have marched right into that store last Friday and purchased them…

had I not seen those three little words: Starter Husband Hunting.

I still love the shoes – I just hate that tag line.

So thanks snarky man on the ad team (you know a man devised this campaign), you might have spared my wallet, but you totally ruined a freaking sweet pair of shoes for me.


What about you? Would an ad campaign deter you from making a purchase?

Casting The Sanctum Trilogy – Wyatt, Part II

A little over a week ago, I posted about casting Wyatt and lo and behold, no one had any thoughts on who should play him.

Well, that’s not wholly true. My friend, Frank, believes he should play Wyatt and honestly, if Wyatt was sixty and Black, then Frank would be my first choice, no doubt. Sadly, Wyatt is neither, so Frank’s out of luck.

So without any ideas from other folks about who should play Wyatt, y’all are stuck with just discussing my choice.

When I first started writing The Girl and was asked about Wyatt, I initially thought Logan Lerman, mostly because he was so freaking cute in The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

But Wyatt’s hardly “cute.”

I know this, you know this. So I nixed the Logan Lerman idea pretty fast and put the whole casting thing out of my head as I started writing The Boy. Then one day while I was playing around on the internet, I saw this shot of Nicholas Hoult and instantly thought of Wyatt.


So yeah, he’s my Class A Warrior for The Sanctum.

Nicholas Hoult: tall, serious, unassumingly good looking.

Kind of fits the bill perfectly.

A Little Artwork

Last week my friend Hana put her mad skills to work and created a pretty fierce rendition of Dev, one that I said I would wait to share with folks, but got so excited, I wound up posting to The Sanctum’s Facebook page all of ten seconds later.

Patience has never been a virtue.

But Hana’s Dev is gorgeous, so I can’t really be faulted for getting a little excited.

orange crop

Yesterday she sent me Wyatt and although I love him dearly – he’s one of my favorite characters, if not my favorite, despite the fact that quite often Darby gives him a serious run for his money – I didn’t feel the insatiable need to share him with everyone right away.

Not because I don’t think her drawing is amazing, because I do.

I love it.

It’s more so because yesterday was one of those days when I received some serious criticism of THE GIRL, and especially Wyatt, so I had to sit and process it for a second. A friend told me not to take it to heart, to remember the old adage that you can’t please all of the people all of the time, but still. You can’t help but overanalyze those types of reviews, especially the very detailed, very precise crits. They creep into your psyche and fuck with you. They make you question your skill and capability, your characters and storyline.

And then you add another layer of skin to your already well-developed thick skin and you keep on keeping on.

That was me yesterday.

Today I’m ready to be back at it.

So here’s Wyatt – not bad, huh?


Holla, bitches.

The Outsider Chronicles by Kayti Nika Raet – A Call To Comment

Don’t you love picking up a book just by chance, maybe because you like the cover or a friend recommended it or you vaguely recall hearing something about it, then opening its pages and realizing it’s original, engrossing, and possibly the best thing since Michael Jackson moonwalked?


All right, that might be a bit of hyperbole, but you get my drift, non?

Discovering an excellent book is such a treat – discovering an excellent series is orgasmic.

So people, trust when I say, Reat’s The Outsider Chronicles is one of those series. In a land of dystopic fiction every which way you turn, Raet’s series manages to be wholly unique and gripping, violent and sexy.

The first two books in the series are great and I read them practically in one sitting – check out my review of both Niko (book I) and Harm (book II).

Raet’s third book in the series, Outsider, is dropping September 22 and to celebrate she’s hosting a giveaway on her blog of all three books in THE OUTSIDER CHRONICLES.



[Aren’t these book covers freaking amazing?]

It’s super easy to enter – all you have to do is head over to her blog by clicking here and in the “Comments” section, leave a comment naming your favorite dystopic novel and why.

I’m thinking I would have a hard time choosing between Atwood’s “A Handmaid’s Tale” and Huxley’s “Brave New World”.

But that’s not a discussion for my blog…it’s for Kayti’s, so scooch on over there and let her know your thoughts. I will happily join the debate in a few minutes.

And get ready for Outsider to hit stores soon – it’s already available for pre-order on Amazon.

Holla, bitches.

Last Outsider Cookie + Giveaway

Enter the giveaway to win all three eBooks in Kayti Nika Raet’s unique, thrilling, dystopic series The Outsider Chronicles. Niko and her badass baseball bat are fierce. You won’t regret getting lost in her world for a bit. So leave some comments, enter the giveaway, and cross your fingers you’re one lucky duck.


This is the last Outsider cookie before it’s out and completely available to the masses (Not yet! You say. We’ve been on a cookie less diet for more than a month! How can you be so cruel!) Unless you’ve already pre-ordered it then… *thumbs up*

Not to worry I haven’t cut you off completely and won’t leave you guys to survive of the crumbs of this last Songhay-filled cookie (like chocolate chips but better 😉 ). I’m hosting a giveaway! To enter is pretty simple, from now until the Twenty-third either leave a comment telling everyone your favorite dystopia is and why. Once you’ve entered one lucky winner shall receive books, 1, 2, and 3 of the Outsider Chronicles. 🙂

For now, enjoy some cookies!


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