Casting The Sanctum Trilogy – Ryker, Part II

Over the last few weeks I’ve been indulging my inner pop culture whore and casting The Sanctum Trilogy as if the movie is in the works and all of Hollywood is at my beck and call.

Dev is going to be played by Lupita Nyong’o because I’m sure she’s free and just dying to play a badass hybrid demon and Wyatt will be none other than Nicholas Hoult, mostly because he’s tall and hot and I loved him in “About a Boy.”

So now we’re up to Ryker, Wyatt’s best friend and The Sanctum’s most gifted, and most troubled, warrior. He’s smart, funny, charming, and damn does he know his way around a woman’s body.

I had some very interesting suggestions for Ryker, from Chris Brochu (really, Denise?) to Shemar Moore (this one makes me laugh – it’s like Halle playing Dev). My friend, Steph, suggested The Orginals’ Charles Michael Davis, who up until a couple of weeks ago was also my choice for Ryker. Every time I saw him, I thought of Ryker.

That is until I randomly came across Nathan Owens.


Really, I needn’t say more.

I just hope he can act, because he’s kind of cute. And totally Ryker.


NathanOwens4 3b8e4c8ca1e2b3e5154853d7f415bde1



19 thoughts on “Casting The Sanctum Trilogy – Ryker, Part II

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    • Come on, he’s hardly what I would call “way” different” but maybe that’s because I don’t know his work and am basing my comment off mere pictures. The thing about Laviscount is he’s cute, and when I think of Ryker, I don’t think cute. I think just straight up hot. And looking a little older. And very masculine. And really tall. (Another reason why, as much as I love Charles Michael Davis, he never had the right build for Ryker. Then again, everyone in Hollywood is a midget, so it’s hard to be too picky. But I digress…) That said, Laviscount is a great choice and puts another actor of color on my radar to watch for.

  2. In THE BOY, I think Ryker and Wyatt are 20. So yeah, they’re young, but in my head they don’t “look” as young as your boy. 🙂

    That could be the old lady in me. haha!

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