Casting The Sanctum Trilogy – Ryker

If you’ve been reading my “casting” posts, then you know that a couple of weeks ago the Daily Post asked readers about casting their favorite shows, which got me thinking about casting The Sanctum Trilogy. It’s a great way to interact with readers and if you’re a pop culture whore like me, it’s loads of fun.

First we debated who should play Dev, my vote is Lupita, and then I talked about who should play Wyatt; Nicholas Hoult is perfect.

Folks had lots of thoughts on Dev, but poor Wyatt, no one had a word to say.

Well, now it’s Ryker’s turn and I could be wrong, but something tells me folks might have a whole lot to say about him.

I’ve got my Ryker and I’m pretty confident none of y’all will be able to top him. He’s hot. But give it your best shot – hit me with your choices and let’s get this debate going.



7 thoughts on “Casting The Sanctum Trilogy – Ryker

  1. Ok, so, this isn’t my first choice because I can’t find the actors name but I like Charles Michael Davis from the Originals. I think he has the right humor but still to old even if he has a baby face. I found another Dev possibility – Lyndie Greenwood on Sleepy Hollow. I’m still looking for the actor I think would be the perfect Ryker…

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