Casting The Sanctum Trilogy – Wyatt, Part II

A little over a week ago, I posted about casting Wyatt and lo and behold, no one had any thoughts on who should play him.

Well, that’s not wholly true. My friend, Frank, believes he should play Wyatt and honestly, if Wyatt was sixty and Black, then Frank would be my first choice, no doubt. Sadly, Wyatt is neither, so Frank’s out of luck.

So without any ideas from other folks about who should play Wyatt, y’all are stuck with just discussing my choice.

When I first started writing The Girl and was asked about Wyatt, I initially thought Logan Lerman, mostly because he was so freaking cute in The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

But Wyatt’s hardly “cute.”

I know this, you know this. So I nixed the Logan Lerman idea pretty fast and put the whole casting thing out of my head as I started writing The Boy. Then one day while I was playing around on the internet, I saw this shot of Nicholas Hoult and instantly thought of Wyatt.


So yeah, he’s my Class A Warrior for The Sanctum.

Nicholas Hoult: tall, serious, unassumingly good looking.

Kind of fits the bill perfectly.


6 thoughts on “Casting The Sanctum Trilogy – Wyatt, Part II

    • Yeah, he’s tough and in real life, if you were seriously casting this movie, I would probably have him as an unknown actor. I would let Dev carry the film, pull in the ticket-holders.

  1. I’m terrible with remembering faces, so while I could rub some brain cells for my girl Dev *fist bump* those same cells were a little rusty when it came to Wyatt.
    On another note Nicholas Hoult is hot (he’s dating Kristen Stewart you know).

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