Casting The Sanctum Trilogy – Dev, Part II

Okay, so the inaugural “casting” blog post was pretty much as fun, amusing, and thought-provoking as I hoped it would be.

Some interesting names were thrown out there to play Dev, from Tika Sumpter, Zoe Saldana, and Joy Bryant to Nicole Beharie, Sonequa Martin-Green, and “someone with an Aisha Tyler vibe.”

There was also a quite impassioned vote for the always stunning, but maybe a little too old (sorry Frank) Halle Berry.

I’ve gotta say, Zoe Saldana’s fierce spirit and independence have always struck me as very Dev-like. And although she’s got a killer body and knows her way around some weapons, she’s not really what I see when I see my hybrid demon.

However, new-girl-crush, model Jodie Smith is Dev in the flesh. WOW!

ins3 tumblr_mb8kfcvat21qzrix7o1_1280

She gives my choice a serious run for her money. She’s gorgeous and most likely tall as all get out, being that she’s all modely and whatnot; strap a holster around her waist, tat her up, and give her a blade and I’m pretty sure she’ll make a few folks think of Dev.

Bravo, Blanca! You kind of hit it out of the park with your suggestion.

But as much as Jodie rocks – and she rocks. hard. – I still love my choice, mostly because I love everything about this girl and I soon as I saw her, I also saw her as Dev. And I know, I know, I kind of set my sights high with this one, but so what? A girl’s gotta have dreams, non?

So who’s my choice?

But of course, the lovely Lupita. As in Nyong’o. As in Oscar-winner. As in total badass.


bcd469556ac63da5c0ba10f0550c31aa 22f4a9500cf079929ceef4999c49245b

Lupita Nyong'o first advertising for Lancome Lupita.Vogue ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

That’s what’s up.

Holla bitches.


10 thoughts on “Casting The Sanctum Trilogy – Dev, Part II

  1. Ok, ok, ok.
    You hit the nail on the head.
    As usual…..
    That’s why you’re writing the books and the rest of us are just hollaring bitches. 😏

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