Casting The Sanctum Trilogy – Dev

The other day the Daily Post asked readers to cast their favorite show with friends and family members. It sounded like fun and got me thinking on my interview with author, blogger, and now friend Kayti Nika Raet, where she asked me to do something similar with THE GIRL.

I had loads of fun coming up with my Hollywood dream cast, and have added to the list, tweaking it more than a couple of times, as the trilogy progresses.

Anyway, the Daily Post got me thinking – what a great series of interactive posts for my own blog. Get folks who have read The Girl or The Boy – preferably both, mostly because you should read them together since they’re awesome – to leave comments on my blog or Facebook page about who they would cast for each character. Then before I post for the next character, I’ll let you know my choice. And trust me, I’ve got them all worked out.

So let’s do this.

To kick things off, who in your mind would play Dev?




3 thoughts on “Casting The Sanctum Trilogy – Dev

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