Random Thoughts

1. I have a confession to make. I’ve tried for years to like Common, I’ve listened to everything people have shoved in my face and forced into my ears, I’ve tried to get my head and heart around all those rhymes and that voice, and I’ve got to confess: I cannot stand him. I think there is only one song of his I like, and the only reason I like it is because of De La Soul. Because that same song without them, and just Common, uh-uh, it ain’t happening. It’s a huge fallacy, and an oft-committed one, to assume that because one loves Tribe and De La Soul and The Roots and Erykah Badu, so, too, will they love Common. Nope. Not happening. Keep your Common – I’ll pretty much listen to anything but Common. Well, unless my only other option is Maroon 5, the band I am convinced plays on a loop in Hell. Then I’ll deal with Common. Otherwise, y’all Common fans can have him.  [Okay, I feel much better now.]

2. This girl rocks. Hard. I love her. Badass Bitch.


3. There’s a song I’ve listened to since 10th grade, like really listened to, like I know every word, have screamed it at the top of my lungs while speeding down 85 in my best girl’s convertible, smoking cigarettes and thinking we’re super cool, and only JUST THIS MORNING realized its meaning. No joke. I was listening to it on my walk to the train and had an epiphany and was all like “what the fuck? how did I not see this twenty years ago?”. Which is really just another way of saying I’m an idiot.

4. I saw all these headlines the other day about Kim Kardashian posing nude in British GQ and for the life of me, cannot figure out why this is even news. The girl got famous for a freaking sex tape and now we’re supposed to raise our eyebrows because she’s rolling around in bed with her boobies out? Puh-leez.

5. I captured this shot over the weekend. Oh yeah, that’s me, smelling myself and my camera game.


6. Ugh. Brazil nuts. Make them go away. Or at least make them stop showing up in the mixed nuts I add to my daily salad.

7. Speaking of lunch, have I ever told you that the cafeteria in my firm is called “The Jury Room”? Lawyer humor for you. Corny and not humorous at all.

8. The Kid started first grade this week. Whoa.

9. Football season started last night, which means basketball is right around the corner – yes – and baseball is in its final stretch. This year is going to be a sad one for me – I know the Yanks aren’t getting into the post-season short of a miracle, which means Derek’s career is going to end much sooner than I anticipated back when the season opened in April. I’ve been involved in a mad love affair with The Captain since 1996 and honestly, I’m not sure baseball will be the same for me without him. The Husband keeps joking around, saying he can’t wait to have his wife all to himself again, but I know he’s going to miss Jeet, too. Even The Kid loves #2, and he’s barely old enough to have watched him play. I think that’s the essence of The Captain’s greatness – you just can’t help but love him. #RE2PECT

Derek Jeter

10. And finally, I’m super excited to be the inaugural blog tour for the recently launched company, Diverse Book Tours. Founded by Sasha, of the blog So Bookishly, and her partners, twin sisters Guinevere and Libertad, of the blog Twinja Book Reviews, Diverse Book Tours’ mission is to “promote diverse heroes and heroines and the authors who write them.” Doesn’t that just freaking rock? This trio of fantastic women is doing everything they can to celebrate the spirit of the #WeNeedDiverseBooks campaign, helping to keep it alive and moving forward with their services and enthusiastic support. I’m thoroughly honored, thrilled, and feeling a little “aww shucks” about being their first tour. If you’re interested in joining the tour as a host, please do as the Diverse team is currently lining up reviewers for both THE GIRL and THE BOY.

DiverseBanner1 DiverseBanner2

Holla, bitches.


6 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

      • Could you use the twitter hashtag to promote it?
        Also tumblr is your friend! Go to POCproblems or Racebending, or try Bitchmedia (not sure if that one is still up though). Ask them to spread the word ^_^

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