Vote to Make THE GIRL September’s Goodreads Group Book of the Month selection

If at first you don’t succeed, 

Try, try again


So that’s me and this whole Book of the Month thing. I didn’t win in July, so I’m giving it another shot for September.

THE GIRL made it through the Goodreads group Shut Up & Read‘s nomination process for its September Book of the Month selection by garnering more than two votes (which is not as easy as it sounds) (and thanks to Denise and Peter for nominating it).


So Shut Up & Read just opened its polls this morning to start voting for the BOTM selection and THE GIRL opened in 2nd place with 12 votes. Not terrible if you don’t pay attention to the book in 1st place and the fact that it is kicking THE GIRL’s ass with 41 votes.

Do the math.

I’ve gotta make up some serious ground to win this thing.

Here’s the deal – to vote, you must be a member of the Shut Up & Read group, which is super easy. Just click here and then click to join the group. You can’t ask for a simpler sign-up process.


Once you’re a member of the group, then click here to vote. If you’re already a member of Shut Up & Read, then just click here and vote.

But vote, I say. And then please pass this post along to your friends and ask them to vote as well. It’s the only way for me to win.

And I’ll love you forever.

(And do you really need any other reason than that to vote? Puh-leez.)


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