Making A Dark Soul Smile

One of the scariest things about publishing my books is just that – publishing them and putting them out into the world for folks to read. This might sound crazy since that is the very purpose of writing them, to share them with others, but that fact does little to diminish the sudden case of nerves that arises whenever it comes time to hit that “publish” button.

Your work is your baby, a baby that you’re putting out there for everyone, hoping folks will check her out, fall in love with her, and then tell all of their friends how fabulous she is. Sharing that baby is brutal and exhilarating, terrifying and necessary.

I’ve been lucky enough to be on the receiving end of decent a bit of enthusiasm for both The Girl and The Boy, good reviews and blog hits, Tweets and Facebook likes. But just to make sure I remain balanced and don’t start smelling myself, folks have also contacted me to let me know when they weren’t really feeling what I’m doing.

It’s totally fine and to be expected – not everyone is going to think I’m the shit.

Which makes those rare moments when a stranger reaches out to tell me how much they love my work priceless. When they go beyond writing a good review and leave me a Goodreads message or email me, leave a blog comment or message me on Facebook.

It’s a rare occurrence, so when it happens, I am floored, truly humbled and just so very pleased.

It happened to me this past Thursday.

I woke up in the morning, stressed as shit because I was leaving for Atlanta later that day, had a TON of work to complete before then, The Husband was harassing me about leaving work early enough to make our flight, the demands of my job just kept piling on; in the midst of all of that, I checked my email and found this:

At the end of “The Girl” the entire world of Ryker, Jools, Wyatt, and Dev is in a state of complete and utter chaos. The Sanctum is well and truly split, as houses are forced to choose sides for the coming war. “The Boy” picks up mere seconds after the closing scene sees Dev jump through a portal with Wyatt tied to her back. Wyatt is hanging on by the merest of threads, his life hanging in the balance while Dev makes a last ditch effort to save his life. Unfortunately, she didn’t quite get what she was asking for. Meanwhile, the New York Academy is mourning the loss of their golden warrior, the one they expected to lead the Sanctum one day, and the next generation must step up and take control in the aftermath of the Breslin attack.

The book that follows will keep you on the edge of your seat, and flipping pages as fast as your eyes can read them. For me, that was roughly 5 hours worth of page turning, white knuckled, text message ignoring, single minded focus. This book did not fail to meet and exceed my expectations, and once again I was transported into the world of the Sanctum and the age old battle between what is good and just, and the evil that inevitably steps in to muck with it. As with the first book, the words painted a clear picture in my minds eye of the characters, both good and bad, and the story that unfolds around each of them until they are all drawn back together in the end. The writing is again, tight and to the point with no unnecessary fluff. I think this series has the potential to appeal to a lot of readers who already enjoy this type of story when they pick up the Dresden Files, the Rachael Morgan series, and for the teenagers I would compare it to the Vampire Academy series. Don’t get me wrong, this author has definitely taken this subject and made it her own, as her world is her own. She has brought a uniqueness to the table of the modern paranormal that is refreshing, and has me excited and looking forward to the next installment of this epic tale.

– Marcia, Reviewer for Paranormal Romance and Authors that Rock.

Pretty freaking sweet, huh?

But then it got even better because soon after reading that review, I got this message:

from: F_25x33  Marcia
to: 547946  Madhuri Blaylock
subject: the sanctum
message: I wanted you to know that I really really enjoyed your books and I absolutely cannot wait until the next one is available to read. I only read a few series, mostly because I’m impatient and hate the wait, yours is definitely added to the list. I loved the depth of the characters and how everything is not perfect…as if it really could be happening today and not just a fanciful story. I review a lot of books for different authors and blogs and it’s rare that one actually contacts me in any way, let alone asks me a question. It made me squee….this is funny because I’m a bit of a dark soul and those kinds of noises do not come out of my mouth guess I am playing with my demon (my daughter) so thank you for putting a smile on this dark souls face. :)P.s. Ryker really is my fave, I’m totally drawn to the sensitive bad boy types.

Been walking around with a smile on my face ever since.

Thanks, Marcia. I don’t know you or your little, dark soul, but damn if you didn’t make my weekend.



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