Procrastination Tool #129 – The Word Cloud

My friend, Kayti, she of the fantastic Outsider Chronicles series and the badass girl with a bat, Niko, posted a gorgeous word cloud onto her Facebook page today.

I was captivated by it – all the key words from her books, seemingly in the formation of a cityscape, so very Outsider Chronicles. I assumed her sister designed it as she is quite the artist, so you can imagine my surprise when she told me to Google and make my own.


You know I was all over that shit.

Forget all my interviews waiting to be complete, or signing up for Round Team, or finishing my beta read. I was determined to make some word clouds.

And they’re awesome. I love them.

They also kind of surprised me – I didn’t expect Wyatt’s name to be so prominent.

I could play on that Wordle site for hours. It’s kind of dangerous. But I managed to pick a few I liked, print them out, and peel myself away to draft this post.

[By the way, is “draft” a lawyer word? Do non-lawyers use “draft” as much as lawyers do?]

So here they are – what do you think:

photo 2

I like the different colors in this one

photo 1-2

My favorite – love the footprint and Dev and Ryker surrounding Wyatt

photo 4

I love the “know” near Wyatt’s name

Pretty cool, huh?

Now I’m going to do it for THE BOY – so much more fun than those interviews hanging over my head.

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