The Vineyard 2014 – A Vacation In Pictures

IMG_5094 We drove a few hours

IMG_5098 We Bourne-Bridged it

IMG_5106 We ferried it

IMG_5103  And selfied with tired smiles as the boat left the dock


Our feet returned to familiar ground

And we exhaled

IMG_5142 We stopped at Nancy’s for a Dirty Banana and some grub

IMG_5112 We showed our Yankee pride in Red Sox Nation

IMG_5141  We lost ourselves

IMG_5146We ate


And ate some more

IMG_5219And some more

IMG_5149 IMG_5210 IMG_5189

We hit the beach

IMG_5136 IMG_5364 IMG_5361 IMG_5393 IMG_5119 We hit the pool

IMG_5196 We jumped for joy

IMG_5184 We smiled

IMG_5316 We laughed

IMG_5318 And looked gangsta (not!)

IMG_5249 IMG_5246IMG_5392

We drank…a lot

IMG_5303 Except for that nasty Cosmo some clown ordered

IMG_5398 We worked but it was all good because look at our desk – it was freaking awesome

IMG_5225 IMG_5414We accepted the fact that certain New Englanders know their way around a biscuit. And then proceeded to indulge in said biscuits each and every morning.

IMG_5311 We balled so hard.

We celebrated 44 years – “Obama style”IMG_5352

10458846_10202543700813340_5343105322577544044_n We missed Syd the Kid

We got a little old school IMG_5346

And Bluffed it out IMG_5314

IMG_5241 IMG_5234 IMG_5228 IMG_5350

We played in the sand

IMG_5404 And got some happy, brown feet

We laughed in Hurricane Arthur’s face IMG_5386

By hitting the Arcade IMG_5380 IMG_5377 IMG_5204

IMG_5269 We agonized over the heartbreaking US World Cup defeat


And learned (again) that Tim Howard is a G

IMG_5348We had a resident Skunk Hunter, the one and only, Caroline Grandinetti

IMG_5345 We looked cool as shit

IMG_5257 We scootered

IMG_5194 And biked…er, we intended to bike


We exhausted ourselves with loads of fun and laughter

IMG_5358 IMG_5317 And then passed the eff out

We walked IMG_5320IMG_5433


We chilled

And chilled some more IMG_5363

IMG_5402 We took flight

And deuced it out IMG_5428

IMG_5335 IMG_5278 We were totally cute

IMG_5437 And totally grumpy as the time neared…

To say au revoir to our favorite island

IMG_5444 IMG_5443

Until next year.


11 thoughts on “The Vineyard 2014 – A Vacation In Pictures

  1. I’m so glad you had a great vacation. I loved the pics, especially the dirty banana that looked awesome. I also love the fact that you took a selfie, and jumped for me…lol

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