“This is ABSOLUTELY a most kick-ass book!” – 5 Stars for THE GIRL

Lilo Abernathy, author of The Light Who Shines fantasy series, published her review of THE GIRL last week and it was pretty sweet. I mean, seriously, who wouldn’t love opening a review and reading the following sentence:



After providing a brief, spolier-free summary of THE GIRL, Abernathy goes on to say that “the book is filled with thrilling action and kick-ass scenes”  and that THE GIRL will “leave you on the edge of your seat.” 

Which is awesome because it’s exactly what I want THE GIRL to do for my readers – I want them to get totally caught up in the twisted and deranged world of The Sanctum.

But what’s even better is the closing of Abernathy’s review and her comments on my writing style. It’s kinda special and from now on, whenever I start doubting myself and this journey I’ve undertaken with Dev, Wyatt and The Sanctum, I’m going to come back and read this little paragraph to myself:

I want to take a moment to speak about Ms. Blaylock’s writing style. She is a skilled writer who carries a rhythm in her written words. It’s not a lyrical style, but rather you can hear the ups and downs of tone and the quickening and slowing of pacing as though she were reading it to you.  With grace and style, she will sweep you along the journey with her.

HOLLA, bitches.

[By the way, if you want to check out THE GIRL for yourself, just click here or here…or even here.]


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