Case No. 49889 – Jedda Djebar Alloula


Proceedings Transcript


Carter Breslin “CB”: This Counsil is called in the Sanctum year 7889 / Human year 1967, to address the double violations of Sanctum Bylaw 2098, prohibiting the stealing of identities, and the single violation of Sanctum Bylaw 10004, prohibiting unauthorized intermingling with Humans, by one Jedda Djebar Alloula, Magical, Class A Shifter. You may bring the accused forward and remove his shackles.

[The accused is brought to kneel on the step of judgment and unshackled as instructed.]

CB: Mr. Alloula, it has come to this body’s attention that you have commingled and fraternized with the likes of human A, one Malcolm X, and human B, one Robert F Kennedy, and two, subsequent to said commingling and fraternizing, you have stolen their identities and shifted into the likes of human A, the aforementioned Malcolm X, and human B, the aforementioned Robert F Kennedy.

CB: These are serious charges. What say you?

Jedda Djebar Alloula “JDA”: Please explain “what say you”, thank you.

CB: You will wipe that smirk off your face and answer the questions of this Counsil.

JDA: Or what, Carter?

CB: And you will address myself and any other member of this Counsil properly. We are not your friends, sir.

[JDA Laughs.]

JDA: You should then tell some of your fairer comrades to stop fraternizing with the likes of me, aye?

CB: Mr. Alloula, what say you?

JDA: What say me?

CB: Yes! What say you?

[JDA laughs.]

Ava Breslin “AB”: Mr. Alloula, please do show The Counsil the same respect we are providing you by bringing you before us to answer these charges rather than categorizing you Rogue and sending our Class A Warriors to terminate your status.

JDA: Ahhhh, Ava, is it not? My, my, my.

AB: Mr. Alloula, kindly answer the question.

[Long pause. Accused appears to be contemplating AB.]

AB: Mr. Alloula, I will repeat myself –

JDA: Terminate my status? Well when you put it that way, love, what choice have I but to come before this Counsil?

AB: There is no other way to put it, Mr. Alloula.

JDA: Ava, Ava, please call me Jedda.

AB: Mr. Alloula, if you continue in this manner, we will be forced to surmise that you are, in fact, guilty of the charges alleged and shall be punished pursuant to the guidelines set forth in The Sanctum Book of Peace.

JDA: Interesting that a book made up of nothing more than various punishments has the nerve to call itself one of peace.

Josiah Clayworth “JC”: I, too, have contemplated that duality many a night, Jedda. It is a misnomer if there ever was one. That said, please make an effort to defend yourself before this body. The bloodlust runs high with certain members of this group and I would hate to have nothing to stand upon when I refuse to sentence you for crimes I find rather dubious and contrived.

CB: Enough!

JC: Any Counsil member is free to speak their minds at this hearing, Carter. I will not allow you to run roughshod over this man in your haste to tie him up and throw away the key.

CB: And I will not allow you to treat this Counsil as a right-wing farce, Josiah.

JC: The farce is all yours, Carter.

JDA: I did it.

JC: What?

JDA: I appreciate your concern, Josiah. You are the thinker of this bunch, always have been. But the fact remains that I did fraternize, as Carter likes to call it, with those humans. Have none of you paid any attention to them? They are bloody brilliant and I simply could not help myself.

CB: The so-called brilliance of some Humans is no excuse for your crimes.

JDA: I am not making an excuse, you fool! I am stating a fact. There are moments in time, snapshots of greatness, in both the Magical and Human worlds. As an immortal being, I have every intention of being present and experiencing each and every one of them to the fullest extent possible, your foolish bylaws be damned. It is how I have made some of my closest friends and most ardent lovers and I have no intentions of denying myself this pleasure simply because The Sanctum has deemed it illegal.

CB: So you also admit stealing these humans’ identities?

JDA: I admit to no such thing.

CB: Jedda, now, now.

JDA: I thought we were formally addressing one another before this esteemed body, Mr. Breslin?

CB: You admit to fraternizing, but not stealing? That is impossible.

[JDA laughs. Again.]

JDA: Nothing is impossible, Carter. You know this as well as I.

CB: So you expect this Counsil to believe that you did not steal Mr. X’s and Mr. Kennedy’s identities?

JDA: That is precisely what I expect you to believe. I stole nothing from those men, for what kind of friend would I be if I acted in such a manner? They were perfectly aware of my capabilities, as were they aware of my fascination with their lives, their hopes, their fears. And their power. So like any good friend, they offered to allow me to be them for a day. Offered, Carter. Not stolen.

CB: Mr. Alloula, you will not make a mockery of this Counsil!

JDA: Mr. Breslin, only you are making the mockery. Jedda is guilty of no such thing. I have come before you when called, spoken my truth and patiently abided your disrespectful manner. Nothing I have said or done in any way mocks this Counsil.

CB: You cannot expect this Counsil to possibly believe this nonsense. And even if we were to believe your tale that these humans willingly allowed you to shift into them for a day, and you did not steal a thing from them, we would still find your actions in violation of Sanctum bylaws, for that would mean you have willingly exposed your Magical nature to members of the human world.

[Loud slap of the desk.]

JC: Enough, Carter. That is it. Jedda has come before this asinine Counsil and answered your questions, informing all of us that he did not steal any identities. And this idea of yours that Magicals and Humans shall not mix is ludicrous. It harks back to thousands of years ago, before Sanctum or Human ages of enlightenment. Jedda is a wise man and if he feels he can expose his true nature to Misters X and Kennedy, then so be it. And if they are open-minded enough or curious enough to engage and indulge his friendship and mutual curiosity, then who are we to quash such affection and understanding? The Clayworths will not be a party to this nonsense.

[JC and Sam Clayworth “SC” rise to depart.]

AB: Josiah and Sam, let’s not be hasty. Please, sit.

[JC and SC remain standing.]

Sam Clayworth “SC”: Thank you, Ava, but no. I agree with Josiah. We cannot, in good conscience, sit here a minute longer and participate in this farce. Everyone in this room knows that to charge Jedda with any crime, The Counsil needs unanimity, which, at this moment, you do not have since Josiah and I are withdrawing.

CB: Do not do this, Josiah. You and Sam should not act with such haste and little forethought. You will regret it.

[JC laughs.]

JC: I highly doubt that, Carter.

JC: Jedda, please rise. You are free to go.

[JDA nods to JC, SC and departs.]

CB: This is not over, Josiah.

JC: Trust when I say, it is only just beginning.




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