Random Thoughts

1. I’m watching Lionel Ritchie’s Master Class on OWN and We Are The World is kind of dope. Michael Jackson was so badass back then.

2. The fact that I’m about to leave for vacation does not alleviate the stress of preparing for vacation.

3. I had a 9 am meeting this past Monday morning, which meant I needed to get The Kid out of the house and to camp by 8:15, a feat much easier said than done. I had warned him of the fact we needed to leave early, that he wouldn’t be able to lounge around on his couch, and that he needed to eat his breakfast slightly faster than a two hundred year old tortoise. Trust when I say, all of that talking made nary a difference Monday morning.

4. The Facebook page for The Sanctum Trilogy hit 1077 likes today. I have no idea how this happened. Last week I was just stuck in the high 300s. It’s bizarre and unexpected, but I’ll take it.

5. Francis, Claire and those smoking scenes on House of Cards are absolutely divine. The lighting, the mood, the conversation. Those scenes say so much, reveal so much about the characters and their strange bond to one another, all while being quite minimal in movement and sound. Simply put, they are perfection.


6. On my walk home the other day, I passed a tiny, puff ball of a poodle, and eyed it just to make sure it wasn’t going to attack. Crazy, huh? Trust me, I feel crazy when I do that shit lately, eyeing dogs warily as we pass one another on the street. I’ve been like that since last year when I stopped by a friend’s house and wound up getting bitten by her sister’s English bulldog, who was on a leash and just kind of leaped of the ground and chomped on my shoulder. It was unprovoked and scary as hell, but most interesting about the experience is that I am now wary of dogs on a leash. The breed, the appearance, the size of the dog – that makes no difference. I just don’t like dogs that are tied to their owners; I want nothing to do with them.

7. Did I mention I have to work over my vacation?

8. Do you watch Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown? If not, you are missing out. It’s the best. His episode in LA with David Choe and Roy Choi is my favorite – those two are the coolest – but the episode on the Mississippi Delta is a close second. The locale, the people, the food, the rhythm of the entire piece is brilliant. And then there are the writers in Oxford. There are a ton of them and they are super cool. And now I feel I must, at some point in my life, slip away to Oxford.

9. I’m still shocked by the traffic and feedback I’ve received on my post You’re Indian? Shut Up. – it’s quite awesome. The conversations it sparked are thoughtful and enlightening; the people I’ve met are engaging and intrigued. I sat with that post for weeks, wondering whether I should let it go live. I am pretty pleased I took the leap of faith and hit that publish button.

10. And finally…




3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

    • Thanks Carole. I certainly intend to. Looking forward to getting in some good writing.
      Regarding the Underhills, this season House of Cards really let you into the juicy details of what makes Francis and Claire tick and I was riveted. I just finished watching the season and found it so much better than the first, which I loved.

  1. Both seasons were solid. I loved the last 10 seconds of season 2. Perfect. Fitting.

    I must say, though, they should end the show on that note and not continue for a new season. I hate when well-written, quality shows go downhill because they don’t end them and the right time.

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