Vote to Make THE GIRL July’s Goodreads Group Book of the Month selection

THE GIRL made it through the Goodreads group Shut Up & Read‘s nomination process for its July Book of the Month selection by garnering more than two votes (which is not as easy as it sounds) (and thanks to you lovely folks who nominated it).


So Shut Up & Read just opened its polls this morning to start voting for the BOTM selection and THE GIRL opened tied for 6th place. Not terrible, but not that great either. Since then, we’ve moved up a couple of spots to the number 5 position, holding fast with 7 votes. The leader, as of right now, has 18 votes.

Do the math.

I’ve gotta get some votes to win this thing.

Here’s the deal – to vote, you must be a member of the Shut Up & Read group, which is super easy. Just click here and then click to join the group. You can’t ask for a simpler sign-up process.


Once you’re a member of the group, then click here to vote. If you’re already a member of Shut Up & Read, then just click here and vote.

But vote, I say. And then pass this post along to your friends and get them to vote as well. It’s the only way for me to win.

And I’ll love you forever.

(And do you really need any other reason than that to vote? Puh-leez.)


One thought on “Vote to Make THE GIRL July’s Goodreads Group Book of the Month selection

  1. So this one’s kind of not going to happen, unless some miracle occurs and I suddenly overtake the BDSM selection currently in first place with over 30% of the vote. Sex sells, people, and evidently folks love a good domination tale. Alas, The Girl does not quite live up to such standards. But The Prophecy could maybe use a good dominatrix…

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