Book III: A Snippet

The very title of this post suggests that yes, I have gotten my veritable procrastinating ass in gear and am back to writing. And not just blog posts or reviews of other people’s work but, in fact, Book III.


[that right there would be my computer, bearing witness to the fact that yes, I am, indeed, working on Book III]

Which, in case you’re wondering, is called The Prophecy.

Makes sense, non?

Anyway, it’s Friday and seems like as good a time as any to post a snippet of what I’ve got going. It’s not much, but then again, it’s not like I said I was posting an “excerpt”, so don’t be greedy and instead, take this snippet for what its name suggests – a small piece or brief extract – and enjoy.

Dev stood and brushed herself off, too stunned to speak. Looking about as if in a dream, she could not believe her eyes. She gasped, the reality of her surroundings finally hitting her. Without thinking, she took off running down the road, the route all too familiar, imprinted on her being, humming in the blood of her veins, an intrinsic part of her soul.


Wyatt watched her disappear down the road and smiled. He and Asher stood for a moment longer then leisurely made their way down the dusty road, Asher running into fields to explore as Wyatt enjoyed the peace and quiet. He spotted her as he rounded the corner, her lone figure, so regal and majestic, standing in a field of green, an expanse that seemed so vast and lonely, as if something vital was missing.

It was the land of her family. And she was seeing it, really seeing it, for the first time in too long. She was transfixed.

He stopped for a moment and studied Dev. Even from a distance, she took his breath away. Stilled his soul and he had to remind himself: inhale, exhale.

Dev felt Wyatt approach and turned back to smile at him.

Her beautiful warrior.

Her lover.


She sensed he did not want to intrude upon her moment, that he hesitated, but she wanted him near, to share it with her and so, as Wyatt did often and with such ease, Dev smiled and offered her hand, outstretched and open. She waited until he was near, then reached for him, lacing their fingers together, pulling him close.

Still too stunned to speak, Dev’s eyes told Wyatt everything he needed to know. He wrapped her in his embrace and they stood together.



Peace out, bitches!




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