Friday Night Lights.

For the uninitiated, you will never understand. For the rest of us, there’s really nothing more to say but this:


*     *     *     *     *

It’s that time of year when the basketball season is winding down and the finals are on so there’s only a game every seven days (so annoying), baseball season is still too fresh to hold my interest and television really offers nothing worthwhile besides GoT and Veep.

Basically, there’s nothing to watch.

Which is good and bad. Good because I can focus solely on writing Book III but bad because there’s nothing to even have playing in the background while I’m writing and instead, I’m forced to listen to Henry repeatedly channel-surf or listen to the talking heads on CNN. Neither option is particularly appealing.

Add to this year’s malaise the fact that I just watched Taylor Kitsch kick ass, blonde locks and all, in HBO’s The Normal Heart (have you seen it? You must because it’s fabulous in all of its brutal heartbreak and gut-wrenching outrage) and you have one girl reveling in her annual fit of longing for some Friday Night Lights.

And I’m not even a football junkie.

Which is truly the beauty of the Friday Night Lights.

For all of its “Clear eyes, Full hearts, Can’t lose” pep talks and touchdowns, FNL was always about more than football. It was Coach and Tami’s very real marriage, Tyra’s evolution, Riggins’ quiet sacrifices, Saracen’s escape, Smash’s smile, Jesse’s determination, Vince’s desire to be better, and I could go on and on because the show, over the years, was chock full of wonderful characters. Folks who stayed with you long after the television was turned off, stories that resonated well past bedtime.

It’s the reason why I’ve binge-watched the series at least four times, if not more. Everything about it is perfect (except for that strange detour they took in season II, you know the one I’m talking about, with Landry and Tyra and the murder) (Lyla kind of grates my nerves, too), the characters, the dialogue, the way Peter Berg shot the series.

It’s television at its finest and I miss it. Just saying.

Texas Forever.



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