Dropping the Mike, Emoji Style

The other night I was chatting with some girlfriends online and a conversation that began about waxing quickly spiraled into an emoji fest.

It’s probably my fault.

An emoji for me creates almost a Pavlov’s Dog type of reaction – I simply cannot reply to an emoji with words. Uh-uh. Not happening. Once one emoji enters the conversation, the gauntlet has been dropped and it’s all out emoji war. Words mean nothing. All that matters is the emoji.

So the other night, Jess and Bekah were going hard, tossing out some great ones, Jess sending me every emoji available for use on Facebook, which I must admit, practically absorbed all of my attention. I was about to let it go at that and admit that they were the emoji queens and I was a mere plebian in their midst.

And then I hit them with this shit.

Can we just say drop the mike?



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