Book Review: Infected by Scott Sigler

My friend from high school, Robert*, and I have been engaged in lots of book talk lately. I trust Robert’s judgment and know he would never lead me astray, so when he told me to check out Scott Sigler, I did just that and grabbed a copy of Infected.


And whoa.

This book had my skin crawling right from the start – oh, the itching! And the cutting and the sores and the ooze and all the various grotesqueries concocted by Mr. Sigler kept me turning the pages to see what was coming next. Because even though I knew it was going to be something shocking and vile, I simply had to know what came of all the itching and scratching and cutting and oozing and bleeding and insanity.

Of course, I’m telling you nothing about the story and at the same time, am telling quite a bit. All I will say is that this nasty piece of work is the thing of nightmares:


If The Hot Zone or Demon in the Freezer or the movie Contagion or case studies on the Ebola virus are your cup of tea, you should absolutely grab this gem of a book.

Also, Mr. Sigler, in the very sage words of Margaret’s partner, Amos, when are she and Agent Otto going to “f*ck and get it over with already”?!

*Back in the dark ages of 1989, we saw Spike Lee’s “Do the Right Thing” together, proof enough of Robert’s awesomeness.


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