Random Thoughts

1. Driving home from vacation this morning, I was listening to the radio and heard something quite interesting: the CRIPs and Bloods are off-shoots of the Black Panthers. When the Panthers broke up (or the FBI made sure to destroy them), two members went to Southern California, one to Compton and one to Englewood. The Bloods stood for “we’re all blood, like family” and the CRIPs stood for “Citizens Rising in Progress”. Is this true and if so, I wonder how many present-day gangbangers know their very poignant and ironic history?

2. Did you know there is a cologne called Gold Jay-Z? I was watching the Spurs-OKC game tonight and saw the ad. I’ll never look at Jigga the same.

3. I read Suleikha Snyder’s novella, Opening Act, this afternoon. It’s short and sweet and fun. Here’s my 4 star Amazon review: This is a gem of a story, a tiny taste of sexy sweetness. He’s in a band, she’s loved him forever and maybe, just maybe, he’s loved her as well. Watching them try to figure things out, all while being egged on in rather interesting and amusing ways by their friend, JR, is light and fun and a perfect way to spend a few hours. Snyder’s writing is great, her banter witty and light and her editing practically perfect. She’s created a strong, determined female lead with Saroj and I enjoyed Adam’s deer-caught-in-the-headlights sweetness. And being a southern girl myself, I couldn’t help but hold a sweet spot for JR. All in all, a fun, sexy read that left me wanting more. More Saroj and Adam…and certainly more JR.

4. There’s nothing quite as amazing as listening to kids run around for 3 full days, playing tag. No video games, no television, just running and tagging and laughing.

5. There’s also nothing quite as amazing as escaping work for a few days. God, that was fucking bliss.

6. While watching Dash run around in the waves with his friends Grian and Ryan this weekend in Cape May, aware of them but also focused on an idea that has been sticking with me as of late, I figured out the end of Book III: The Prophecy. Now I’ve just got to write the rest of it!

7. Got a haircut today. It’s the first time I’ve gotten a cut in a salon in I don’t know how long. And I told myself going into this experience that I would leave with short hair and I told myself to be prepared for that fact, but damn if it’s not short as shit. It feels SO much better, but goddamn it’s short. Henry took one look at me when I walked back into the house and was like “wow! that’s short” and Dash very bluntly, and only as kids can do and get away with, told me he didn’t like it, but Syd said it looks good, so one of three isn’t terrible. And seriously, in three days it’ll be long as shit again anyway, so who gives a fuck? At least, that’s what I keep telling myself.

8. I only have a three-day work week this week.



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