Random Thoughts

1. Have you read Time’s annual 100 Most Influential People list yet? I haven’t either but scanning through blogs yesterday morning, I read the blurb Colin Firth wrote about Benedict Cumberbatch. I know you’re not going to dig through that long-ass list to find it, so I’ll post it here for you:

“When I was about 25 years old, I worked with two very good actors. The encounters were brief, but I’ve remembered them both with great admiration. Wanda Ventham and Timothy Carlton both embodied qualities which one is fogyishly tempted to look at with nostalgia. Along with very considerable talent, they had elegance, glamor, wit, kindness and decency.

I didn’t know at the time that they were married or that they had a son of about 10 who was quietly gestating all the same attributes. And now, 30 years later, the boy has been let loose. He has taken the form of Benedict Cumberbatch.

His parents’ qualities are on rampant display. It’s rare to the point of outlandish to find so many variables in one actor, including features which ought to be incompatible: vulnerability, a sense of danger, a clear intellect, honesty, courage — and a rather alarming energy. I take no pleasure in feeling humbled, but there’s no getting around it.

He must be stopped.”

Colin Firth is rather divine, non?



2. Christy Turlington also made that list. If you know me at all, you know I LOVE me some Christy. She is the baddest bitch of them all. She’s smart and civic-minded and exudes grace and calm. She just rocks. She was in those Duran Duran videos from back in the day. And she literally was my wall-paper in highschool. She can do no wrong. Bravo, Christy! Oh, and did you see her the other night at the Tribeca Film Festival? God, she’s stunning.


2. Why are there no Prince songs to download on iTunes? I feel like this is a question that everyone but me knows the answer to, so please feel free to educate me.

3. Dash is on Spring Break this week and to say I’m insanely jealous would be the understatement of the year. How come adults don’t get a spring break? Oh yeah, because we’re busy being adults, which pretty much sucks.

4. I realize the problem with Scandal and why, the more I watch it, the less I enjoy it. The whole Olivia – Fitz thing just doesn’t work for me and it really hasn’t since midway during season I when I realized that the president is just so very damn annoying and the idea of a woman like Olivia being with a man like Fitz is depressing. I was hoping at the end of this season, instead of killing the kid, they would just kill the president and Olivia could move onto more important things (like seeing how many ways she can take off Jake’s clothing…just kidding…not really), but alas, Shonda is letting Fitz stick around and continue killing my love of all things Olivia Pope.

5. This week it was reiterated to me that just because I do something nice, doesn’t mean the favor will be returned. Of course, I learned this lesson years ago, but every so often something will happen to you that makes you sit back and say, “shit, I am such an idiot for thinking so-and-so would return the favor”. Just a little reminder from the universe that we’re surrounded by a bunch of asshats.

6. My friend, Emily, just resigned from our firm and as sad as I’m going to be not to have her around to shoot the shit with and go to the gym together, her timing was kind of awesome in a very stick-it-to-the-man kind of way. Or in a very fuck-you kind of way.

7. Remember when people use the word “shorty”?

8. And finally, today is my birthday and I have to say, for being an old bitch, I’m feeling pretty good. I was thinking to myself this morning on my walk into work that I’m rather pleased with my forties. They’re totally grounded. I know myself better, I’m more forgiving, I’m healthier and happier. Plus, I think I’m way hotter now than I was in my twenties. Hollywood might disagree, but I like seeing a little age on my face. I think it adds character and if anyone is a character, it’s me. Anyway, to celebrate my day, I leave you with my favorite, Little Skateboard P, doing his happy thing


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