Kill, F*ck or Marry – The Ocean Boys

I’m bored. I’ve got a ton of work to do but I feel like playing.

So let’s do another round of Kill, Fuck or Marry, this time with Danny Ocean and his boys. (My girlfriend, Priya, will get all judge-y with this one because she no longer approves of George’s playboy ways, so I’m guessing she’s going to kill him. Maybe even a few times over, just for good measure. Me, I rather like George’s catch-me-if-you-can lifestyle and will always fall victim to his smirk.)

The Three.11

Let’s do this.

For me, this is only working one way – I don’t even really need to contemplate it or feel bad about it. Okay, maybe a little bad when I think of Brad in Thelma and Louise or Ocean’s Eleven, but whatever. I’m killing his ass, because I’m going to fuck George, mostly to hang in his Lake Como villa for a weekend and I’m marrying Matt because, well duh. Do I even have to spell that one out for you?

And what say you – who are you going to Kill, Fuck or Marry?


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