Kill, F*#k or Marry – Sanctum Style

When we were little, my friend Jess and I loved to spend hours playing M*A*S*H. You know – Mansion, Apartment, Shack or House. Your future right there for you on a sheet of notebook paper.

Admit it, you played, too.


(here we are, being our usual, super-cool selves)


So the adult version is Kill, Fuck or Marry.

(Okay, it’s not really the adult M*A*S*H, because the games aren’t at all alike, but for some reason I always think of them together and anything with “fuck” in the title sounds kind of adult.)

Let’s play.

The inaugural game, in honor of my trilogy-in-the-works, will be characters from The Girl: Ryker, Wyatt and Dev.

I’ll go first.

I would marry Dev because she’s freaking badass and I love her, fuck Ryker because he’s insanely fuckable and kill Wyatt, which pains me to type, but I’ve got no choice.




Did Hell Just Freeze Over?

Oh, Anna. What have you done? How I do miss the day of the Supermodel. Christy, Naomi, Linda, Cindy and Kate – they were fashion.

Not this.

And that defiant stare into the camera. Ugh. Kim is letting Anna know she won this battle.


Just as Paris Hilton destroyed Vanity Fair for me so, too, does Paris’ one-time best friend, Kim, sully Vogue.


I Am Such A Dork

I was up pretty late last night working on Book II: The Boy and wrapped up a rather pivotal scene in such a satisfying way that to say I was smelling myself would be an extreme understatement. I was positively high on me and all my awesomeness.

In my defense, I think I was so pleased with myself because it took me quite a while to get the right tone for each and every aspect of the scene and then to conclude it as I did was both satisfying and a relief.

Anyway, a word of warning to any of you up late at night, smelling yourself: mistakes are bound to happen.

Like what? you ask.

Like mine, I say.

Allow me to elaborate – so around midnight I was wrapping up my scene and chapter and everything was coming together so perfectly, I knew how the next chapter would begin and how this story line would continue. Then I thought to myself, hmmmmm, this little bit here is perfect to pin on Pinterest and post on The Sanctum’s Facebook page. I haven’t posted a snippet from Book II in a while and this little bit is pretty sweet.

I fiddle around with some websites and fonts and make it look nice. I read it once, then twice, then edit it, then edit it some more and finally feel like it’s perfect, so I post it and pin it and put it out there for all to see and then head upstairs to bed.

here it is, looking all pretty


At 2 am, my eyes popped open and I asked myself:

Who the fuck is Ava Carter?!!

I know an Ava Breslin and a Carter Breslin, but I sure as hell don’t know any fucking Ava Carters, but there she is, for all to see.

The perfectionist in me vomited. And then raced back downstairs to delete my post and pin and edit Book II. And be mortified by my mistake.

And laugh at myself.

I am such a dork.

“Lend me some sugar, I am your neighbor!” – OutKast