Twelve Random Facts About My Upcoming Book, THE BOY

I’m hoping to have Book II in The Sanctum Trilogy complete this spring, which is about a month away but feels much further off as I write from the land of snow and disgusting, dirty ice that has become my Jersey City Heights neighborhood.

[By the way, big up to the guys at Mod Cup for opening a coffee shop in The Heights…on Palisade Avenue no less. HOLLA. I think I might be in love with you guys, for real. Not only are you brewing my favorite drink (I love coffee even more than I love tequila, and that’s saying something right there), but you’re doing so in my ‘hood, on the very avenue I’ve been hoping would start seeing some commercial development. So YEA! Let’s go drink some coffee.]

[That was a totally random aside, relevant only to my neighbors, but who cares. Similar to when I quote Kanye West, the same rationale applies to random asides – it’s my blog so here and there, I might be a little self-indulgent. It happens. Whatever.]

Anyway, I thought it might be a good teaser, maybe get folks a little amped up and ready for THE BOY, by putting together a list of random facts in the book:

12 Random Facts About THE BOY

  1. Ryker’s family owns a pretty sweet brownstone in Fort Greene
  2. Rinshun Palace is huge
  3. Do not get it twisted – Darby is always in Chanel
  4. Just as portals can open, so can they close
  5. Darvin gets a new place to live
  6. Ava gives new meaning to the phrase “bad mother”
  7. Coco has some competition when it comes to creating deadly blades
  8. Shapeshifters are great lovers
  9. Jools carries a part of Wyatt with her wherever she goes
  10. New Green Bo makes awesome dumplings
  11. Ace Morrison fancies himself a chef
  12. Dev hates the color green

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