2013: A Year in Pictures

We wore classic kicks IMG_0507 IMG_0526   And visited the MLK MemorialIMG_0545  And the Lincoln MemorialIMG_0552  And moved Forward!IMG_0674 We lounged in Lucea IMG_0689  and lounged some moreIMG_0760  I got to travel with these cool dudes

IMG_0907  and celebrate a fifth birthday

IMG_1037  an awesome wildflower visited

IMG_1046  We loved our Docs and polkadots

IMG_1090   Baseball happenedIMG_1191  Traffic jammed us up on Highway 78

IMG_1226  Someone snagged a shot of us dressed up and looking pretty

IMG_1260  The Big Kid graduated from Spelman

IMG_1326  We chilledIMG_1410  and enjoyed good friendsIMG_1451  We scooteredIMG_1502  and did the Upstate thangIMG_1513  We looked sharp as shitIMG_1535 And we sweated IMG_1564  And we stressedIMG_1598  And we got drunkIMG_1784  We summered on the VineyardIMG_1880  And pretended to be gangstaIMG_1917  We admired sharp-dressed menIMG_1947  And finally went to the new stadium

IMG_1960  We cheeredIMG_2035  We reminisced IMG_2140  We tagged (not really)IMG_2203  We clownedIMG_2130   And admired the true Bad BitchesIMG_2462  We celebrated 15 yearsIMG_2567  and fell in love with the NOIMG_2598  We rocked outIMG_3180  and we explored

IMG_1607  We traveled unnamed We achieved

We jumped for joy IMG_3326  IMG_3401  We dropped the top in winterIMG_3404  And we rocked the mopIMG_3422  We gangsta-leanedIMG_3469  And we waited for SantaIMG_3488  We enjoyed the gift of givingIMG_3535  And we laughedIMG_3549 We celebrated the old and the new

We had a fucking blast.


2014…here we come.


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