Interview and Giveaway With Madhuri Blaylock

Eli Madison of RealityLapse was nice enough to interview me last week about writing THE GIRL, my thoughts on publishing and any sneak peaks for my next book in The Sanctum trilogy.


Hey everyone, so you might’ve seen my review of Madhuri Blaylock’s THE GIRL a few days ago. Recently, I got the chance to ask her a few questions about her book, what the publishing process has been like for her and what she enjoys most about writing. You can read the synopsis below and be sure to check out Madhuri Blaylock on Goodreads. Also follow her on Facebook, Twitter and her blog!

Be sure to check out my full review on THE GIRL and enter to win an awesome ebook copy of THE GIRL here!

1) What was your inspiration for THE GIRL?

First off, thanks for having me here at RealityLapse, I really appreciate it and am super excited to chat with you, Eli.

So my inspiration for THE GIRL…I love fantasy and paranormal fiction, but I felt like I was reading book after book about girls with…

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