First Interview

Today I was the featured author on Shonda Brock’s The Paranormal Blog for her post, Paranormal Wednesday. It was my first interview ever and to say I was psyched would be the understatement of the month.

1454686_497624093678314_565528764_a (this is my excited face)

It was so nice of Ms. Brock to include me in her blog and I can only hope to return the favor some time. In this field of indie authors, it’s crucial to have the support of your fellow writers so Ms. Brock’s gesture will not be forgotten.

Here’s a snippet of the interview:

If you could be any character in fiction, who would you be? Oh my goodness, this is incredibly difficult to answer as I have so many “favorite” books, so to make it a tad easier, I’m going to stick with the fantasy genre, which of course, leads to my favorite girl, Hermione Granger. She never needed a boy to explain anything to her.

You can read the full post and interview here:

Again, a big shout out to Shonda Brock and her blog, The Paranormal Blog. You can find her at


“Illest pit bull in a skirt.” – Eve


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