Grammarly, I Kind of Love You

I found this site called Grammarly and have rather quickly developed a hard core crush.

It appeals to all of my nerdy, wordy tendencies as it spews out rules of grammar and punctuation while reviewing my manuscript word-for-word. It also appeals to my Type A tendencies (which admittedly, there are not tons of them) as I watch it methodically pick through my writing with precision and perfection, finding the most mundane mistakes and correcting them.

It’s the perfect proofreader: fast and impersonal and reasonably priced, which is key when you’re getting something off the ground on your own.

I love it.

If I could marry it, I probably would.

One thought on “Grammarly, I Kind of Love You

  1. But I also kind of love more the “Proofreader” tool on my MacBook Air’s Pages. I just finished going through my manuscript and found Proofreader to work just as well and it’s free.

    Double yea.

    Just another reason to love my Mac.

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