Sneak Peek: Wyatt Clayworth

This week I’ve decided to share snippets about each of the main characters in The Sanctum trilogy, leading up to the release of Book One: The Girl.

I’m going to start with Wyatt Clayworth, one of the main characters in the trilogy, a Class A Warrior for The Sanctum and a descendant of one its Founding Families. His whole life, he has know nothing but The Sanctum and over the years, the reality of that life has taken its toll:

“Do not be fooled by Wyatt’s stoicism, Dev,” Josiah finally spoke. “He is absolutely tortured by what he’s had to do over the years, but he loves Ryker like nothing else and has done what needed to be done to protect his friend. Since they met, Ryker has always come first for Wyatt and he would rather burden himself than allow Ryker to suffer the consequences of disobeying or ignoring an order.

“Ryker would like to leave The Sanctum and but for Wyatt, he would have done so a while ago, via death squad,” Josiah explained with a shudder.

“I had no idea,” Dev whispered.

“Of course you didn’t,” Josiah smiled kindly at her, “how could you? We all have our crosses to bear and pain to carry. Some of us, like Ryker, do it loudly and others, like Wyatt, carry on in silence. Neither way is better although given my druthers, I rather like Ryker’s method.

“My son goes through his life with a tremendous weight on his heart and I ache for him each and every day,” Josiah stated sadly. “He is so very serious. There was a time he was full of laughter and light, but I fear that’s been killed out of him.


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