My Text Friend

I miss my friend, Mikki, so today I decided to flirt with her via Instagram


This is the kind of interaction that would drive Henry crazy. He just doesn’t understand my obsession with texting and instagramming and facebooking and tweeting and blogging. He thinks I’m crazy and have lost all capabilities of communicating like a sophisticated human being.

He’s so wrong.

I can still chit chat with folks face-to-face and on the phone but given my druthers, I am totally texting you. Also, the fact remains that if I actually picked up the phone and called one of my girlfriends instead of texting, I know they would be sitting there, wondering the entire time, “why didn’t this chick just text me?” Because if they called me, I would be thinking the same.

This is why they are my friends and we love each other. Madly.

Mikki and I have had wonderful text moments, especially the night the two of us stayed up together and watched Obama win his second presidency. She in Brooklyn and I in the Dirty Jers, both in bed, anxiously watching the polls and texting each other back-and-forth all night.

I love that memory. I also love that we laugh about the fact that we sat there and texted all night instead of picking up the phone and chatting.

Simply stated, it wouldn’t have been the same any other way.

But don’t tell that to Henry.

“All over your body, who’s body? Your body, I can rock a party like nobody” – MC Lyte

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