Dev and The Bride

I make no bones about my love for Kill Bill, volumes I and II, and The Bride, aka Beatrix Kiddo, in particular, as played to perfection by Uma Thurman. I’m a bit obsessed with those films and will watch them repeatedly whenever I find either one on cable. I’ve told Henry I’m going to buy the movie poster and make Uma sign it for me, then frame it and hang it in our house.


He’s not really feeling that idea and because I’m a team player, our walls remain Bride-free. That doesn’t mean I don’t have the perfect spot picked out for her or know exactly how I would go about getting Uma’s signature.

But that’s neither here nor there and me fan-girling Uma Thurman is not the point.

I mention The Bride because it hit me the other day that without even being aware of it at the time I was creating her, Dev is heavily influenced by The Bride, from her physical appearance to her mental and physical strength. And before you shake your head no, because you’re thinking of Dev’s deep, brown skin and her long, curly hair, let me just clarify: I don’t mean Dev literally looks like The Bride, rather it’s more about her physical presence. Dev is tall and lean and all muscle and that was Beatix Kiddo to a tee in those films. Girlfriend was fierce.


The Bride was also insanely hot, determined and deadly. I mean, seriously, the girl punched her way out of a wooden coffin, dug her way to the surface using her super Kung Fu powers, walked back through the desert barefoot and fucked Budd up. If that’s not determination, then I’m a Beyonce superfan (by the way, have you ever met one of those? One word: yikes).

Dev is breathtakingly beautiful, as noted by almost everyone who crosses her path, from The Sanctum warriors hunting her to the vampires assisting her; she is profoundly single-minded, determined to escape Wyatt and continue her hunt for the Breslins, no matter her physical state or his; and most importantly, Dev is capable of killing virtually anyone or anything that crosses her path, as evidenced time and time again, be they Sanctum or Magical.

So is Dev my Beatrix Kiddo? Damn straight and I love her.

“Because I’m doing this for the thrill of it, killin’ it.” Lorde


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