Just Write

“Don’t write it right, just write it—and then make it right later.” Tara Moss

The advice in Tara Moss’ quote has seen me through quite a few bouts with writer’s block as I worked on Book One: The Girl. Really, there is nothing better than writing your way out of a mental impasse. And maybe you’ll wake up the next morning to delete everything you wrote the night before, which I’ve done often, but at least you were writing, putting something down on paper (laptop, if I’m being precise), exercising your mind. It all helps and before you know it, you’ve crawled out of that hole and are back on track.

In that vein, it’s worth noting that this blog is helping with the block I’m having with Book Two: The Boy. I think part of the problem is I’m still riding a high of finishing Book One and feeling rather pleased with myself and the manuscript, which in turn, is making the transition into Book Two go a little slower than I would like. Another problem is trying to get so many projects–the Facebook page, the blog, the Twitter feed and the book cover–off the ground and running smoothly.

Or these could all just be excuses.

Either way, at least this blog is making me write constantly and finally, this morning after several mornings of riding the train and re-reading portions of Book One, instead of working on Book Two, I actually started writing on my commute again.

This is major, people. I’ve done some serious work during my commute. And it’s been troubling me that I haven’t been writing or editing on my train ride into the city during the past week or so.

I’m pleased to report all of that changed today. And on a Monday of all days. Go figure.

This morning, I wrote about the first time Darby and Darvin meet, when he is still human and she is less than amused by his behavior. It was fun and exciting and I felt good as I exited the train and headed for my office, flush with the thrill of accomplishment.

Of course, sitting down at my desk to begin a day of lawyering is a total buzz kill but today, it’s not really messing with my high. It’s all good, folks. I am doing this thing.

Write on!

“I’m cooler than a polar bear’s toenails.” Big Boi


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