Mission Accomplished

A day later and probably 22 hours beyond my goal, I finished drafting the synopsis of Book One.

It could be better–I could have done this last night as I intended–and it could be worse–I could still be looking at a blank computer screen.

Which leads me to an interesting nugget of information: I drafted most of it this morning, during my commute on the Path train, headed into work. Which leads me to another point: I have to thank the Path train for much of what I’ve accomplished thus far with The Sanctum. Since early this year, I’ve spent my entire ride from Hoboken to 33rd Street, deep in the world of The Sanctum, either writing or editing my book. Which leads me to another point: I love the Notepad on my iPhone and have drafted quite a lot of material on it.

I’m so glad this little beast is behind me. I feel like I can now get back at it and really dive into Book Two.



“I’m varsity. Chump, you’re J.V.” Jay-Z


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