Captain Klutz

This afternoon, while showering at the gym after class, I noticed I burned my stomach. With the iron, no less.

That’s me, Captain Klutz. If you’re going to pick one person in a room who’s going to get injured, don’t even waste your time, just look for me.

I’ve broken a finger tripping over my dog, I’ve cut my foot open and caused nerve damage bringing a glass vase into the house, I’ve fallen playing softball and stood up to find a huge rock sticking out of my knee. Just right up in there, all bloody and gross. I’ve burned myself too many times to count using my oven.

And now I’ve gone and torched my belly, all because I wanted to do some ironing in my bra.



“Back in the day when I was a teenager, before I had status, before I had a pager.” Tribe Called Quest


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